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Barbara A. Taylor is a Minister of the Gospel, (Local Elder) ordained through the African Methodist Episcopal Church: The Southwest Georgia Conference, Sixth Episcopal District, of 10 years. She completed Board of Examiners Educational Ministry; African Methodist Episcopal Church, The Southwest Georgia Conference, Sixth Episcopal District, Five years of Service.

Barbara has been a writer for 16 years; writing songs and inspirational spiritual messages to encourage all people of all ages. She produced her debut album ‘Forever Sustained’, in November 1999 and self-published her first writing project, “Kindred Hearts” in 2002.

Barbara is an analyst and scientific associate. A researcher and developer; one who absolutely loves science and the components of it all. Barbara is a musical artist, whom has been given the gift to create musical melodies, to inspire sweet harmony, illuminating an expression toward a spiritual environmental realm. She is a Psalmist, author, writer, poet, lyrist, motivational speaker, and teacher.